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Love In Action


Since 2006


Education :


Education is the most important thing Love In Action can provide in order to change the lives of these destitute children. Currently we are   providing primary  and   secondary education by sending the children to the local government schools. They are learning local languages   (Telugu, English, Hindi), Social  Studies, Science,   and Mathematics. Love In Action provides their school supplies such as books, pens,   pencils  etc. Each year we also pay their fees for  examinations. We also   provide tutoring at home by a certified tutor as needed. 


 Our next goal is to build our own school for the children at Love In Action Children’s Home. We desire to provide a higher quality education for   these children.  We   ask for your prayers as we move towards this goal.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Mathew 19:14


For my father and my mother have forsaken me, But the LORD will take me up. Psalms 27:10


Love In Action Children’s Home is a temporary shelter built on a land that we took for lease . Here we bring the children who have no place to live ,we provide food,clothing, education and all basic needs of these children who are vandering on the streets and working outside as a daily labours. we provide all the basic needs of these children. we provide a family environment to these children with the love of God. But in future we want to build our own house with a better facilities and want to bring as much as street children and orphans and vulneraable children into our love home. Pray about this.!

Spiritual Development 

Along with meeting the physical needs of the children, we also provide spiritual and emotional support. We teach the children about the love that God has for each and every one of them. The children are very involved in the church activities. They read the Bible and sing in the church services. We also teach them vocational skills and have motivational classes to help them have better lives in the caste society of India.


Each child at Love In Action Children’s Home receives two  school uniforms and three sets of recreational clothes. Every  year at Christmas they receive a gift of new clothes from the  supporters of Love Home.

Services In Love Home:

Love In Action Children’s Home strongly believes that without your help we cannot make an impact on the lives of children in India. Today, because of your generosity, LIACH provides nurture, nutrition, education, clothing, shelter, clean drinking water, medical care as well as spiritual and vocational development to the children. 

Without your help, or Love In Action Children's Home, these children have no place to sleep or eat their meal. They go around the streets begging for food, washing dishes, acting as bonded laborers, and some may be become thieves at the railway and bus station. The girls may be sold into prostitution or child labor by their parents, or relatives, to make money for food. The only way we can break this cycle of stricken poverty, and the loneliness of losing their parents, is by the love, prayers and support of people like you.

Nutrition :

Love Home provides good quality nutrition to the children. We serve three ample meals a day plus and evening snack

Breakfast : Every morning the children receive a breakfast of rice with butter milk, sometimes during the week we also provide a traditional Indian dish like Onion dosa, chapati, Puri, Idly and Upama.

Lunch and Dinner: Both meals consist of a vegetable and/or meat curry with rice. On Tuesday and Friday they receive a boiled egg with lunch. On Sunday we provide a special meal with chicken, prawns, mutton, or fish 

Evening Snacks: The children receive a glass of milk with a snack including biscuits, bread, and fruits such as oranges, bananas, grapes, goa, apples or mangoes in season.

On some special occasions, like birthdays or holidays, Love In Action provides a special meal like Chicken Dum Biryani.

we pay salary to cook to make these dishes for children. But Sometimes i would like to cook with my own hands to feed these children. Because i like cooking. lol and when children give a compliment to the dishes what i make, i felt like a 5 star Chef. :) Its a blessing to feed these less fortunate children who are under in our care. welcome to india to have some fun in cooking, like you can make some pan cakes. lol